Proxy makes his long-awaited return with “Shut Up”, a shocking display of hardcore sonic violence. Featuring a remix by John Roman.

The lead single from his upcoming debut LP, MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES, “Shut Up” is a Trojan Tank cloaked in the language of Western music, with a violent hip-hop vocal decrying mainstream pop laid out over the bluntest of beats, packed with weapons-grade bass and Proxy’s trademark dread-inspiring atmospherics.

For the remix, we turned to rising Canadian star John Roman, hot off the success of his recent “Petrified” EP for Twin Turbo. Roman uncovers the pitch-black soul of the original and lets it unfold over six minutes of malevolent techno.

The B-sides are two exclusive selections from the Proxy vault/banger-silo, buried under the megaliths of Pidan in southern Siberia. “Cooper” and “Cypher” will be familiar to the ruined cortexes of anyone who’s ever seen Proxy’s live show, roundly dwarfing every “big-room” track ever to aspire to “11” status.

The rise of Proxy has spawned a legion of imitators, igniting a one-sided arms race with a remote Saturnine Giant. As they inevitably die off, an essential difference emerges. They peddle “bombs”. He is The Atom. 

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